Saturday, 23 March 2013

Herman Goes To Italy: Sourdough Grissini


My "Herman" starter continues to explore the world and its own capabilities... and to make bagels (Sunday morning breakfast routine), crispbreads and even some sweet buns.

Today he have turned into sourdough grissini... otherwise known as breadsticks. These are a bit tricky to make because the dough is hard to handle because it is very moist. But I am learning that if handling is difficult then the passage of time does a lot of the work for you! Also a dough scraper (courtesy of The Old Man) be very useful for doughs so wet they have to be practically scooped up off the work surface. And if dough is wet don't flour the work surface and your hands for "kneading" (Ho-Ho).... use a little oil instead.

Anyway the recipe comes from the lovely WildYeast blog. And you can find it here.

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