Saturday, 4 May 2013

Beautiful Day: A Walk To Loe Bar

A sunny, sunny day this week and we do drive to Porthleven and walk to Loe Bar.

The coastal  path towards the bar is being eroded and The Old Man wants to see where the new one has been cut. Erosion has eaten into this route for some time... a friend remembers when his father could drive right down to the Bar but that's been impossible for some years.

The new path is wider and easier going but I can see that the surrounding blackthorn and brambles have been cut back and I can see no sign of the Burnet Rose I spotted growing wild and flowering here last year. Let's hope I'm wrong and it comes back.

It is beautiful here today. I can see the prickly leaves of Sea Holly coming through on the Bar. Later in the year there will be yellow Horned Poppies flowering on the sand.

On the return walk I look up the bank of the new path. Above me... at a field edge... against the blue sky... is a curlew walking through the grass... obligingly in profile and showing it's amazing down-curved beak. I am taken by surprise to see the bird so close, walking above me through the field grass.

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