Friday, 24 May 2013

Bluebells At Enys

I have wanted to catch the bluebells at Enys Gardens near Penryn for a year or so. Yesterday we manage it. They look magnificent spreading under the trees and through this open space called Parc Lye. Through some of the walks the bluebells are intermixed with ramsons or wild garlic which I haven't seen growing in such wide patches before either.

Enys is an old estate; the family supposedly establishing themselves here in the late thirteenth century. The Enys Gardens Trust is gradually conserving and restoring the gardens which are only open from April to September - and then only Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and the first Sunday of each month. Check the website itself for further details and directions. If you manage a visit very soon you may grab the last of the bluebell beauty. See them when you can. Such scenes could alter - not least due to the plant's threat from hybridisation with the cultivated Spanish Bluebell.

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