Friday, 28 June 2013

Yoga's Challenge....

My first Yogic challenge is .... how to learn some.
As has been said - by others to my furious little face...
"Of course you be not a group person... be you."
Perish the thought. Can you not see I be not a joining-in kind of gal?

Actually this be news to me..... but groups be groups..... frequently sharp of tooth and claw.... perhaps tongue also. And I do accept that a small person what do not drive is a useless thing in rural areas. Bus journeys do take longer than the events attended and may take one on to pastures new.... but not where one planned to be going always... (see subject tag "Transport")

So I take the cowards way out and get myself an MP3 download..... Maintenant, je yoga chaque jour with me earpieces in ..... peaceful as a thoughtful frog listening to birdsong.

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