Thursday, 18 July 2013

Heat And The Badger

Wonderful dry heat...and still spending most of the time ferrying water to the vegetables. We's picking peas and broad beans...

The Night Badger (cos that's who we think it is...) is getting desperate and digging potatoes again. This time he/she have resorted to eating them. But obviously they are not high on the list of desirable food as I usually find a half-eaten, drool-covered potato dropped somewhere on the path. I just mend the damage and dig the spuds from the plant that the critter have picked out.

The other day I go into a particularly "neglected-in-this-heat" patch of garden and am a bit bothered to find a mega pile of earth and montbretia corms against the "hedge" (wall to some).

I don't mind Badger patrolling through of a night if it don't do much damage... but I'm not so sure I want Badger setting up home here. I understand the pressures on the critter. Four houses in our tiny row of eight are building (or planning to build) houses in their gardens, one of which did have a badger sett.... don't know if it still does. This means that although we do not have a huge garden .... soon it will be the biggest in the lane.

Nevertheless I still ain't got room for a Desperate Badger.

Later we work out that Badger have got desperate hungry in the dry heat this month. (Hence the potato diet.) And we do reckon that it may not be trying to dig a sett.... but.... sadly for the bees.... have dug out a nest of red tailed bumblebees... cos we notice a lot flying around the place. These bees often nest underground at the base of stone walls.... and bees' nests can be eaten out by foxes, badgers, weasels.

Sorry bees. But I am a bit relieved badger ain't moving in..... yet.

PS. Looking around the web for more about "building in gardens" I do find a property developer's site that do reckon this hysteria about the loss of gardens to development be all whipped-up by the media. Sigh!

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