Sunday, 3 November 2013

Travels With My Film-Life: Italy - The Grand Tour - Bertolucci and De Sica

Ciao amori miei! We have such rain and gloom I do admit that The Old Man and I have spent much time in our film-life travels and I have not spoken to you for a week, I think.
Prego... we be travelling around Italy..... South to North ..... Catania a Milano.

We start in Sicily. No... not for another Inspector Montalbano... The Old Man have grown allergic to these and I do watch them recorded. No! We are visiting a Catania basement.... with 14 year old Lorenzo who is escaping his school's skiing trip and hiding out from both schoolmates and mother.  It's "Me and You" (Io e Te) a resurfacing film for director Bertolucci. 

Allora! Lorenzo has got it all planned... food, music, books.... even animal company...  an ants' nest terrarium. But then.... Lorenzo is joined by his 25 year old half-sister, Olivia, a junkie artist looking to find somewhere to detox. This is not what he had planned .... (Lorenzo is doomed to relate whether he wants to or not). In fact their forced hidden life together makes for relationship for both outsiders... and at the end there is a sense of things having changed for Lorenzo.

So we really enjoy watching this film.... but it seems to have had a bit of a rough time from critics and be considered light-weight... maybe some kind of indulgence on Bertolucci's part. Well (sigh) I think they be a bit harsh. It's filmed beautifully (using film... not digital... for last time for Bertolucci... you can't get the stocks no more...) and the performances from both first time actors Jacopo Olmo Antinori (Lorenzo) and Tea Falco (Olivia) are splendid.
Don't it leave you feeling funny when you really like something and the critics think it's crap? What can I say. We watched it with great joy. Try it out... see if you agree with the critics... or me and The Old Man...Io e Lui.

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