Monday, 24 March 2014

Spring And Stuff

Definitely spring has come... although the rain do fall as usual today. But the other day.. which be sunny... we lift up the dustsheet which we had spread out on the decking.. (the dustsheet we do block the back door with when the wind do drive in the rain). Underneath the sheet is a fully grown slow worm... bronze and sleek... still slow moving until I leaped indoors to get me camera... when it skidaddled toot sweet.... fast as a flash.
There are also some yellowhammers visiting the bird feeding area. They look wonderful and unbelievable. Like yellow bright canaries sitting in the plum tree in the feeding queue. Both slow worms and yellowhammers were thin on the ground last year. So I be very pleased to see them.

Ourselves? We do have a new baby. It sits in the corner and we do stare at it lovingly.
"Isn't it clean," say we.
"Isn't it quiet," agree we.
A brand new washing machine. Spring and spring-cleaning has arrived.

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