Friday, 4 April 2014

Travels With My Film-Life: Italy's "La Grande Bellezza"

We be back in Italy.... Roma.... sampling "The Great Beauty". A philosophical journey for us oldies as we contemplate the value of our.... values and where one finds the beauty. All that we call "beautiful"... and notions of success.
The film itself is beautiful.... a succession of images,days, thoughts, even memories of the 65 year-old, world-weary journalist Jep Gambardella - played by Toni Servillo.... a Sorrentino regular whom we do watch in "The Consequences of Love" (that post is here).
I contemplate this Roman procession after the film ends and think it is moving but demands some time and patience to sink in.
The Old Man do not indulge time and patience when it comes to forming opinions, so he do be more doubtful about it all.

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