Thursday, 4 September 2014

The Old Man Finds A Caterpillar

"I found a big caterpillar... I found a big caterpillar..."
"....I found a big caterpillar..."
"Here... Look."
"Outside the kitchen door..... Look..."

My word it be a big boy... sat there... disconsolate on the weedy concrete yard.
I can see a "face" at the front end - almost like a lizard's face. This is apparently what gives it's final moth phase its name of the Elephant Hawk-Moth.... not because of the size of the moth (silly me) but for this "snout" at the front.
Rightly or wrongly we do carry it away from the concrete (so ready to be stood on) and put it into the leaf-litterish undergrowth round the front hoping it would find a handy place to pupate.
Read the Guardian article by another man surprised in the undergrowth.

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