Sunday, 16 November 2014

Look Mama - New Hands

Well it's true that after my last film one of my hands do drop off. Between you and me.... mechanics and manufacture is not one of Mrs D's strong points. But she has remade my hands and .... Alors! They're big ain't they. Mrs D do assure me that they will be "all the better to gesture with.." Though Mrs D do (worryingly) add that, of course, these may drop off as well and then there will be no option but to re-make the whole arm/hand thing... twice.

Never mind, I do get used to this idea now. By way of recompense Mrs D has  done a new make-up job. I must admit that the old "physog" was getting a bit grey with age.

While Mrs D is making the hands and screaming a lot as she does, The Old Man makes a helpful suggestion... (No... really... this time it is helpful, honest.) He suggests that when she comes to make the solid bits that strengthen the "finger" wires (using Polymorph - a meltable, reusable, plastic), she should break the "palm" into two... which makes for a natural bend point and should cause less stress on the wrist and hand when moving it about.

Give that man a pasty - he do seem to have the right idea.

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