Sunday, 6 December 2015

Bending The Truth: Old Spines And Possible Remedies

When one is somewhat elder ... one begins to accept that one cannot bend as well as when young. But in truth I do get very blue spending the best part of this year unable to straighten up first thing in the morning without climbing me own legs with me hands, so to speak.

Finally I take meself off to a recommended chiropractor (McTimoney. No that's not his name, that's the "school of"... so to speak). Well dears, the primary verdict is that one leg lies longer than the other... and me spine... Well, it do not know which way is north and which way south!

But what do you expect when I am subject to the makings of Mrs D? I mean naturally my spine be twisted this way and that. Look how she do make me. All sorts of sticky tape and plastic bindings.... 
Remember how my hand do drop off on occasion? She do not have a clue with those joints and screws. I swear I did last longer in my first incarnation based on pipe-cleaners and cotton wool. Oh, tut-tut and la-di-da, that lady is a lummox in the puppetry department.

But.... I am feeling so, so much better, now that I'm marching off to the chiropractor. My word but I am gradually straightening up. My leg lengths are starting to match and ... do you know... but I don't feel so old. Absolutely. Younger every day.

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