Thursday, 14 January 2016

Graphic Passions: Nobrow Catalogue

So both of us have pawed our way through Issues 1 & 2 of "Red Thorn" (as explained in the previous post) and The Old Man has two more to come before he makes his mind up whether to subscribe or not.
Me? Well Issue One was good... as it should be... but Two seems much lighter in content. We have beards, sex and monsters... but I think I like my monsters a little more ... eerie.
Also I am a graphic novel girl. I admit it. I like a book-length thing with no full page adverts what confuse a girl like I into thinking they are a continuation of the story what I have in my hand and not blurb for another title. And I really can't get into this pristine handling and storage thing what do go with flimsy little comic issues. This seems to be a bloke thing.

So ... I quite often like a small(ish) press outfit and buy my reading from a bookshop usually. For that reason I am happy to get notice of the 2016 Nobrow catalogue. Nobrow publish illustrated books, including children's books, as well as comics... and stationery and so on ... and concentrate on the work of new artists.
So here goes at sharing the catalogue....

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