Saturday, 9 January 2016

Graphic Passions: Getting Hold Of "Red Thorn"

Just before Christmas The Old Man read in his daily paper about a new, Vertigo/DC, Glasgow-set comic "Red Thorn" - created by Scot David Baillie who has written for 2000 AD and Judge Dredd.

And he do become obsessed with getting his hands on an issue. But from where? There are not many comic shops in this far-westerly outpost and so, on his next visit to Truro, The Old Man enters the one and only comic shop (it shall remain nameless as far as I be concerned). He asks after the new comic, although all he can remember is "Red something..." by way of a title. The young comic geek assistant (cough-cough) looks at him.
"Never heard of it," he do say... and turns his back to continue his enthralling shelving of superhero comics.

Crushed and crestfallen, The Old Man do return home, comic-less and feeling ... discarded. In vain he next enquires in local book shops and newsagents but with no luck... no-one is able to order single issues of comics for him. He do weep and bemoan our out-of-the-way residence, longing for his London days of browsing the shelves of such shops as Gosh!

And so it falls to me to take to the internet and find him a kind store that will send him a copy. Which I do. And he do duly get a couple of neat packages courtesy of Forbidden Planet via the Royal Mail and do sit down to read, content at last.

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