Thursday, 3 June 2010

Medical trip: Day 3

Rang the hospital this morning.
They said the Old Man was out of bed and sitting up in a chair - "under protest".

Under Protest?
Huh. They don't know yet the meaning of the word, is what I am thinking. Not as far as the Old Man is concerned.

We got a well wish card just before he went into hospital from someone who knows him well. Hoping to see him again soon - "full of spit & vinegar". Fine turn of phrase I thought.

Another friend said that the Old Man's first message to The Doll being "Water the chillies" sounded very him. They hoped that I hadn't expected something more romantic.
More romantic and I would have been admitted into hospital myself.
No. No.

I was always fond of the songwriting of Randy Newman. And had a particular fondness for "You Can Leave Your Hat On ". A lovesong that requested the love object took off their coat, their shoes, stand on this chair…that’s right.......Yes.. yes.. shake 'em....
"You give me a reason to live, you give me a reason to live" the writer sings.

In the Old Man's case, slowly revolving on that chair would be a large healthy chilli plant, strung with luscious red fruits...

"Shake 'em. Shake'em.... You give me a reason to live. Yes, Yes."


Anonymous said...

Hello Little Grey Doll

Good to hear The Old Man is 'protesting' - a good sign. Do hope he'll soon be wearing his orange linen jacket. Pass on our love and best wishes next time you see him.

BJ and JR from Glasgow xxx

Little Grey Doll said...

Hello you!
Hope to see him tomorrow and will do just that. I will tell him he has to get home soon, to read the good wishes coming in.