Friday, 4 June 2010

Medical trip: Day 4

Just rang the hospital. Sweet nurse in the High Depency Unit who is in charge of The Old Man said he was "looking very good". I couldn't help the involuntary twitch of me eyebrow. Maybe he should get her to sign a piece of paper to that effect.

Anyway, they reckon to be moving him to one of the normal cardiac surgery wards today.

Meanwhile me and Big Sis will be driving up to see him for an hour or something.

I've packed a paper bag with fruit and a bar of his favrit organic dark choclate. Will he have the strength to break the bar, I think to meself?

People are asking after him and wishing him well.
Old "Spit & Vinegar" leaves an impression.

Got to go. Still got greenfly to scrape off the chillies.

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