Thursday, 15 July 2010

In which GreyDoll gets Uppity

The thing is.
I got so fed up with the chaos that is the Bus Company from Hell. (see Bus Journey 26th June) that I complained to them about their rubbish timetable.

Which lists a local bus going from Penzance to Truro that in fact only runs from Penzance to Helston.

So they emailed back that the bus went to Falmouth not Truro.


And they said "Sorry." ... "But it was only the timetable headings that were wrong, not the timetables themselves...."

And I rolled my eyes and sighed.

And being in the mood, I then emailed about the Bus Journey of 2nd July that turned into a magical mystery tour. They haven't replied to me about that one yet. I 'xpect they are busy roasting the driver and making him sell his wife and children into slavery by way of recompense. Perish the thought that the management takes any responsibility.


So I emailed my local councillor - Old Man said to - so I did. And we know who he is cos he used to run the Village Post Office. Before THE Post Office closed it down. And then of course he had to close the village shop that contained the Post Office - cos that's what had kept the shop going.

Hey-ho. Village life.

Anyway. So he's a good councillor and I emailed him about the Bus Company from Hell. And why can't we travel to our main Hospital on public transport in under 2 hours each way? A car journey of 40 minutes?

And he emailed back: That there was a council network meeting for our area on the 14th - with representatives from the transport companies and the County Council and volunteer Transport schemes. And the Public are invited. Would I like a lift there?

And I said: "Yes."

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