Wednesday, 14 July 2010

In which Life tries to get some Semblance of ...

Hah! Normality. That's it.

Old Man's feet? Not fairy tale sized.
Gap-tooth smile? Yeah. Tooth still missing.
Talkin', talking? Yeah still talking.
Weepin' occasionally? Yeah, Still emotional.
Walkin' about a bit? Yeah walkin about.

Blood test happenin?
Well, one so far. Should be another tomorrow.
Cardiac nurse?
No sign yet. Not even a phone call.

Same old same old on the follow-up front then.

Just as well he seems stable this time.

But the GreyDoll's life is full of "Where shall I shop today. On which bus? How many hours shall it take me? Oh, I'm tired, me. Shall I have a headache? Shall I be a headache?"

Made a "Welcome Home, Old Man - Bye-bye Jordi" lunch the other day. As GreyDoll's great nephew leaves his college down here to move on to Uni life. We swapped notes on sci-fi watchin' and vampire watchin, too. That was nice.

Bye-Bye. Good Luck. Will miss you, babes.

GreyDoll likes some youth around her. She really do.

Last night GreyDoll made herself some Pasta alla Francesca, in honour of the Old Friend and her pasta sauce. Roasted sweet peppers and tomatoes and garlic and olive oil - all whizzed up and dressing the cooked pasta. Yum Yum!


Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Grey Doll, i enjoyed the sending off lunch that i received from you and the old man.

It was nice to chat with you about all things Vampirey and what not, I will miss you a lot but time to spread the wings as you do.

All my love
xxxx Jordi

Little Grey Doll said...

Bye-Bye, my dear. Be Happy. Spread those wings indeed. You know where to find me on the Blogosphere.
And I know where to find you on Flickr. I hope you get time to keep makin' photos and putting them there for me to see. They're getting good!
xxxxx much love and au revoir - Grey Doll