Friday, 29 June 2012

The Selfish Doll

OK. The quantity of rain that falleth on other parts of the country do chastise my selfish brain for complaining about a superabundance of snails. I do admit I am not warding off three feet of water from my threshold. Age breeds a very irritating kind of tunnel-vision for which I do apologise.

However... bees are in trouble....
and whilst we are about it... 38Degrees are warning that the powers that be are after flogging off the forests again. If you are not happy about this... you can sign their petition here. And yes I know that 38 Degree supporters are now the object of ridicule for those who don't like their opposition to plans. But it's all we can do sometimes... And Boy! do the whatsits like to come back for another try. Incinerators, hospital closures, environmental issues.... you think you've won your point and they sneak back again when they think it's gone quiet. Keep shouting. Keep making your views known. Keep an eye on the whatsits. All you can do.

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