Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Aaaah! Another Wallander

Much as I enjoy the French crime series "Spiral"... which be reprised on British telly up to last weekend.... I admit to being jolly happy that we get another Kenneth Branagh "Wallander" series as of next Sunday.

OK. OK. There be much disagreement over Branagh's portrayal of Menkell's Kurt Wallander amongst Scandi-crime fans. But I do always like him in the role, he do look like I imagined the unshaven one do look when he be rather up against it. But there is a great following for Krister Henriksson in the Swedish TV version which I do also enjoy.

Whatever. I be happy that we be getting three more episodes from Branagh starting Sunday 8th July BBC One at 9pm with "An Event in Autumn".

Damn... does that mean we don't get no Swedish sun and blue skies? I be looking forward to some sunshine from somewhere.

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