Thursday, 1 July 2010

Sunday 27th June

Today, Sunday I go with Big Sister to visit the Old Man.

I rang up to check that he was still in that ward before we set out. Then I checked if it was planned for him to be discharged on Monday.

"Oh No. " says this sister/staff nurse, "The physios would not let him go until they are sure he can manage stairs and that everything is OK at home for him."

Hurrah for physios. They have decided that Monday was perhaps a bit premature for sending the Old Man home.

How kind.

When we get there to see Old Man, there is discussion of liver damage which I find very confusing. Sometimes described as because of cardiac arrest (Sorry. "Collapse.") Sometimes referred to as part of the reason for..... his "Collapse". But it is reversible. Livers are fairly obliging things in that way, providing you don't try to assist with regular applications of vodka.

When we leave we come home via Farmer Jones' shop. He' s still there. And I buy milk and pasta and bring him up to speed on the Old Man. We exchange war stories. A pineapple is acquired for the Old Man's delight and refreshment.

At home I feed Sis with the pasta and the remains of old friend's excellent roasted pepper and tomato sauce. A little green salad. A burp. And some rest.

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