Sunday, 4 July 2010

Thursday 1st July

Today we have mostly - rain and fog.

As my friends are on their way back home this morning, Big Sis takes me in to visit the Old Man.

He looks better yet. He says that the physios took him to try some stairs earlier in the day. He was supposed to climb about four steps then come down backwards, rather than trying to turn around on the stair.

But he said that instead he went on up to the next landing and then turned and came back down.

He is very pleased with himself. So am I. But I point out that excelling at tests the physios set him was not the idea at the moment - when we are trying to prevent early discharge from the hospital.

A case of blind competitiveness over savvy, I think.

Later, as Big Sis and I plod through the rain to the the further car park - I see the bewildered Asian doctor from my bus travel day (see Saturday 26th June) heading in our direction.

"Where is the main hospital?" he asks, "Is it that building over there?."

"Yes" say we.

I am very sorry for this perpetually bewildered man. But I know how he feels.

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