Sunday, 4 July 2010

Wednesday 30th June

My friends, who deliver me to and fro in their car, have been using a satnav to find places. We wiggle through surprising and picturesque routes. A very pretty part of Helston for instance.
My eyebrows go up and down all the time at the unlikeliness of the routes it opts for.

But back to the Old Man.

Sometimes I feel like a tiny human faced with a glacier of organisational indifference moving inexorably towards me and the Old Man. Soon we will be engulfed and swept away.

However -

When I get to the Hospital today, the Old Man tells me that it seems the Consultant from Hell has had a transformation, and is himself grumbling about the Old Man's early discharge from the other hospital. He is also saying that the Old Man will not be discharged from here on Friday after all. But must stabilise more and so may be discharged on Monday instead.

Consultant from Hell even told the physio that the Old Man is not ready to try walking up stairs. Maybe tomorrow.

This is a great relief for me and and the Old Man. In fact the Old Man is quite emotional today. I think he is truly relieved at not being chucked out.

Brain damage is no longer mentioned. That seems to have been just when they couldn't get the responses they wanted on the evening of the arrest. The broken rib is not mentioned and the Old Man says he doesn't feel it. Liver damage which may have played a part in his collapse, is righting itself.

His current staff nurse also spoke of referring him to a community heart nurse who can coordinate regular supervision of his condition and drugs, etc.

Even as I stood in the corridor, staring at the coffee machine, Good Doctor passed by - said "Hello" and advised me to avoid the machine at all costs and go to the cafe.

In all, everyone here is nice as pie today!

I rang the GP surgery before I visited and they assured me that things would work more smoothly if I drop the Hospital discharge letter into them directly when bringing the Old Man home. I said that the other hospital had not mentioned handing in a discharge letter at all. They seemed surprised.

Looks like the other hospital is gonna be the scapegoat.

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