Tuesday, 3 August 2010


And just what, you ask, is noodling?

I think it's playing around with notions. Doodlin' with the noodle. Tapping around in the beanbox. Booting around the braincells. Knittin' with the noggin.

You know? Like a guitar player making sequences of random notes and themes on a guitar? Possibly while thinking of something else altogether?

And I think that noodling is essential for creative processes to begin.

Another definition of noodling is "fishing for catfish with your bare hands".
That stands up to the test as well.

Why am I discussing "noodling" with you?
Because I think that the venerable Mrs Doonuthin, my technical director, is cooking up some noodles of her own. I think she is considering the movie business again. And I aim to make sure that she includes me in the plan.

She's researching the net.
She's eyeing up her bank account.
She's putting on the makeup. She's dabbin on the perfume. She's wriggling them fingers like a piano-player warming up. She's considering IN-VEST-MENT.

Oh she's noodlin', she's definitely doing that.

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