Friday, 6 August 2010

The Old Man Revives

So the other evening The Old Man had a phone call from a friend in Scotland.

Now this friend and his wife are really into drugs. What I mean is - drugs as medication - not pastime. And these friends are so into them.... they teach about them.
Proper pharmaceutical stuff. But really.

And so I think that the Old Man has been cheered by discussing his "drugs" with them. Cos he wasn't sure what was his condition and what was to do with his new drugs.

For whatever the reason the next day he picked up and get more energy for doing things. He's tackling driving again, getting around, doing a lot more jobs about the place. And people are saying he's looking better.

But this week The Old Man noticed a relevant item in our local paper - The Cornishman.

You see, one of the drugs he was put on after the operation, he so hated that he was able to get it dropped after his collapse and readmission to hospital. I'm not saying that this drug caused the collapse - I'm sure it didn't.
But for sure, The Old Man didn't like being on it.

This drug was the heart drug Amiodarone. And sadly it's been implicated in the recent death of a local woman. You can read the item by clicking on Amiodarone article.

So just don't be afraid to challenge drugs you ain't happy with. But challenge may be the operative word.

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