Sunday, 19 September 2010

Tank Girl Revisited

The other day, when The Old Man goes to be fitted with yet another piece of 24 hour recording machinery at the Hospital in Penzance (see 15th Sept Post here) .... I go for a mooch.

And I mooch into the Bookshop.

And this Bookshop is called Books Plus. And there, as I go "mooch, mooch" I spot the Graphic Novel or rather the Comic Series of "Tank Girl" by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin. This is a "remastered" edition and on the shelf .... are Volumes 1 & 2.

So I puts down the book on "How to Make Handbags" don't I, and I buys Vol 1 of Tank Girl instead.

Cos I haven't read a bit of Tank Girl for years. And didn't I only just the other week talk about that circus, Archaos, and it's crazy Mad Max - Tank Girl post-apocalyptic feel? (See that Post here)

And I guess you know.... or anyway I'm telling you now..... that Jamie Hewlett is the guy who co-created the "virtual" band Gorillaz along with Damon Albarn.


David R. said...

FWIW there are also *new* Tank Girl stories being published in the Judge Dredd Megazine at the moment. They're pretty good fun. Hewlett is not involved, but Alan Martin is writing them.

Little Grey Doll said...

Mmmn. So I see that Alan Martin has "revamped" the Tank Girl website. Gonna go have a look.