Friday, 17 September 2010

Mrs Doonuthin Speaks

I would just like to say..... that any forthcoming attempts at movie vehicles for The Grey Doll are entirely my fault.

I shall be attempting - for the foreseeable future - to make them using the free software ANIMATORDV SIMPLE+ available from Animator HD.

I am currently using a perfectly functioning (but 7 years old) laptop running Windows XP SP3 with a princely 512 MB RAM.

Surprisingly - connected to a Microsoft LifeCam VX-2000 - it made something. (Click here to glimpse the 3 second "movie".)

I am on a learning curve of cliff-steep proportions. Please let me know if you cannot view the animation as I'm still new to video file formats, etc for the web.

Now - I have to go before Grey Doll sweeps in and accuses me of hogging the limelight.

Stars must be kept sweet.

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