Thursday, 9 December 2010

Donkey Work

So I'm very sorry that I don't seem to be keepin up to date very well here.

When The Old Man has a bad back... Oooh ... Aargh... Ouch.... He still has to shop on a regular basis. But....
He can't necessarily lift that much, can he? Or carry, like? So he has to have a donkey, don't he? And who is that donkey?
Well .... me, innit.
And what this means is that I do my jobs - and a good portion of his as well, don't I? Least that's what it most certainly feels like. And people meet and greet him, and sympathise .... and swap back pain notes. And I stand there, patiently.... with my arms slowly stre-e-e-tch-ing.

But I broke away yesterday and got him to let me out the car in Penzance.
"I'll catch the bus back." says I. And I did some Christmas shopping. And it was quite successful.

Truro? Schmuro!
Penzance has it all.
But I am very relieved to have managed some of that.

Have you managed any Christmas shopping yet?

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