Sunday, 19 December 2010

The Juggernaut Approaches

I know that you all is very busy. Howzit going on preparing for Juggernaut Christmas? Howzit going preparing for Juggernaut Christmas in the snow and ice?

This is to show that I can be a sympathetic person. And therefore I can understand if..... No-one wants to read my blog!

The Holy terror of the approaching Juggernaut .... and the added fact that I am capable only of talking about the querulous states of health of Me and The Old Man. (Who now sports a fetching gloss of Vaseline over the little hole made when they took a skin sample from a suspicious patch next to his nose. Is there no end to the medical accoutrements he sports, swallows or lathers himself with?)

I tell you - this blog has become very lugubrious and boring. If I was You reading Me - I would not bother checking in that often either.

Except for the odd possibility of a cartoon or something.

And on that subject, Mrs Doonuthin is getting more and more anxious to be doin more work with Moi in this creative area.... but she too appears to be knee-deep in Christmas cards, broken pens and ink blots, sellotape and screwed up paper. Though she did pause this morning to listen to Radio 4's "Desert Island Discs" again - this time with Nick Park (of Wallace & Grommit).

What's that dreadful sound?
Oh-Oh! It's the rattling wheels of Juggernaut Christmas being hauled towards us on icy roads.

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