Monday, 24 January 2011

A Fine Bird That

Sunday we did go for walk again. And we go to Long Rock. Surprise, surprise....
Actually... you want to know why we always go there for a walk? Well The Old Man is still rather in recovery mode from last summer's heart do. Long Rock beach gives direct free parking and a long, flat, stretch to walk. Finding a beach where you don't have a steep cliff climb is a good thing in The Old Man's condition.

And everyone walks their dogs there. So, there is always some energetic behaviour to observe, dogs of all shapes and sizes, and close proximity to Marazion Marshes means quite a few birds to watch out for. As you may have gathered. Anyway, a fine crisp January day and walking we go.

It's the Old Man that spots the bird - huntin around in the big rocks close to the sea wall. It's little. It's dark. I dismiss it as a pipit. Then with a groan of resignation I fetch me glasses out and peer closer.

It is a little beauty. Should be drawn in black and terracotta conte crayon on thick paper. An intense black head that shades towards dark grey down the body with a delicate white flash at its wing edge. It turns around and I catch its chestnut lower belly and tail. And as the bird flutters upwards, I can see what is captured by its name - the tail flaring in vivid ruddy contrast to the dark body.

"It's a black redstart." say I.

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