Monday, 24 January 2011

Where Did It Go?

.... ask those of you faithful followers who could have sworn there was a Mrs Doonuthin animation post here a moment ago. And quite rightly. Where DID it go?

Well - ever the perfectionist (Ha!) Mrs Doonuthin fretted that the timin on her latest masterpiece "Moving On" - was not quite right.

So at the weekend she re-edited it and uploaded it to Vimeo again. (Sigh..) I ask you...

Of course purists would say that she should have kept both versions up for you to contrast and compare. But the truth is .... the difference is so slight most people wouldn't know which was which. But Mrs Doonuthin's fussiness is appeased and she feels happier with the version that will reappear soon. But like I said before... don't blink... you still might miss it.

And what do I care? I'm not in it.... well only as a flashback.
And I ask you, who wants to be a flashback?

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