Tuesday, 25 January 2011

A New Year For Sure

Let me introduce you to "George".
A dark and fine iris. And just coming into bloom in the sun room.

I like to plant these iris reticulata in clay pans, growing them under cover on the window sill here. It keeps the snails and sparrows off of them when they bloom and I can admire them in all their prettinesses. Then they go out into the garden for the summer - in the shade of another plant. Really good way to keep them going.

For those little tinkers, the house sparrows, are really keen on hanging about in a chatty group and exchanging petal-ripping tricks. They like to show off to each other like that. Sparrows like to be in a gang. They chat, bicker, bathe and generally hang out together. Some people don't like 'em. Or think they are a really ordinary, common little bird. But when I lived in London - I watched them disappear from the garden. They just vanished. Which was sad. But they are still thriving here in Cornwall, and I'm glad of that. They make me laugh. Little street kids.

In the garden I can see a hint of snowdrop. And the dunnocks are getting very flirty and tail-flickin'.

Mmmn... the year is starting.

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