Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Dead Hand of Re-Organisation: BBC4

So you know how I be a fan of what I like to call Euro-telly? I post about such programmes sometimes - like Denmark's "The Killing", Iceland's "The Night-Shift"... then there's all those lovely "Wallander" and"Spiral" crime stuff.

Well I find these excellent things on BBC4. As well as comedy like "Getting On" and arts, music and documentaries.

So if you be at all like-minded... watch out. The BBC is implementing cuts and these will be announced on Sept 22, I think. And there is talk of changes for BBC4.

Have a read of this: Stand up for BBC4 | Radio Times.
And maybe this thread on Digitalspy.

Let us be blunt. I think that interesting telly is shrinking.
BBC4 is what BBC2 once was. BBC2 is what BBC1 once was. And I don't really watch BBC1 anymore.... except for Dr Who....

The ice floes of entertainment are melting once more. (Sigh) Radio 6Music was rescued. (Or was it all a cunning plot?) But now it's time to stand by your bunks to protect BBC4.

So don't forget to sign the petition at savebbcfour.com

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