Friday, 7 October 2011

The Old Man Gets His Arm Back

To those of you concerned as to the outcome of The Old Man's Hi-Fi dilemma and related queasiness - described in previous posts.

Let me assure you that The Old Man grasps the nettle of The Invoice for Arm Repair. He rings up The Arm People who explain that they offer not so much a service as a Rebuild. So he gulps and says yes to the procedure.

Quick as you like... the Arm wings its way back to The Old Man. He declares it pristine and practically unrecognisable... and promptly ditches all other plans for the day in order to settle down by The Deck to reattach The Arm.

Some time later.... records are being played, The Old Man is smiling sweetly and all appears to be well.

As I waft past on the way to start making supper... a slight frown appears on The Old Man's phyzog.

"Of course... there is now the question of The Cartridge....." say he.

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