Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Where Are We Walking Now?

Because the council put a parking charge on the old favourite ... Long Rock Beach. It's only £1 a day which is very good...
but maybe not if you just want to march up and down for 5 minutes.... on account of being Old Geezers ... who just need to exercise a bit.

So we been trying a few other places fairly close to the Sunday Paper shop. The other day we did march around Marazion Marshes... and the Bird Reserve there which is only small really... the places that the public can walk in. Pretty muddy in parts though.
This day there be herons... hmmn.. they do look so funny standin there in the reeds... still as can be... beady eye and razor beak... waitin for dinner. There were lots of Little Egrets as well.... Stonechats... Oh! And first swallows I see this year.
But most of all I be hit by a loud song from some little bird in the reeds. I check it out.... have a feeling I know what it will be. And so it is..
an eardrum busting burst from a Cetti's Warbler.

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