Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Millennium Exhibition: Carlos Zapata "Child Soldiers"

This looks good. I am not a great fan of St Ives... (teenage years spent in Carbis Bay)... But I do rate the Anima-Mundi Gallery. And I do love automata. And this exhibition by Colombian artist based in Cornwall, Carlos Zapata, is the darker side of automata.
Take the time to watch the video interview and better still - the time to visit the exhibition. Think we shall.

Carlos Zapata 'Child Soldiers' - Artist Interview Film from Anima-Mundi on Vimeo.
Interview with Carlos Zapata to coincide with the exhibition 'Child Soldiers' held at Millennium, St. Ives from 25th May until 19th June 2012


Steve said...

Hi - Thanks for this post - I love automata and this exhibition looks to be an interesting twist on the usual automata stuff. I love St Ives also (probably for the reasons you don't) - all the holiday makers, the galleries, the seasidey stuff, everything really. I particularly like Street-An-Pol. There are several galleries & shops down there that I like to drop in - Tremayne Applied Arts and the gallery next to the toy shop (although it's a bit claustrophobic)but I have never been into Millennium - I must try it - Thanks, Steve

Little Grey Doll said...

Hi Steve... Thanks for the comment. I'm just an old grouch, me, when it comes to St Ives. But Millennium Gallery shows a good mixture of stuff and is not so sunk into the tradition of The St Ives School as many. Has put on some "darkly themed" shows amongst others over the past few years. It's one to keep an eye on.