Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Tak! Tak! How's The Scandi Crime Viewing Going?

So boys and girls... how did you get on with The Bridge?
I be a bit unsure for a while there. Maybe twas indeed a bridge too far for a third language audience to watch a duel between Danes and Swedes... must have lost a lot of subtle digging there. And of course... Both languages be in subtitles for most of us in a UK audience.
But The Old Man and me do indeed gnaw our nails down to the quick and sit on the edge of our chairs for the final double episode. Then...tis all over... and we worries about next Saturday's Scandi-Noir viewing. Have no fear we do get more next Saturday... the burly Rolf Lassgard appears as police profiler Sebastian Bergman.

Find out more via Euro Crime here... Euro Crime: Sebastian Bergman on BBC4

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