Friday, 8 June 2012

Saturday Night Thrills: Spiral

Alors! Bonjour mes amis et les amoureux de le crime telly....
erm... in the UK. Our BBC4 viewing on Saturday nights is off to a new destination. For now we say "Adjö" to Scandi-crime and rush toot vite to Paris. Cos BBC4 is giving us a repeat of Series 2 of crime thriller "Spiral" in its usual stamina-testing (aka junkie's delight of) two hour stints, 9pm-11pm.

This does not please The Old Man who has become a sneaky fan of Scandi-thrillers but do not like the Gallic "Spiral".

"Too violent", he do say.
I do say, "Huh?"

I mean he can cope with corpses sawn in half and whatnot but not the French equivalent? Strange.
Perhaps... it be that he can cope with the Scandi Cool but not with the Gallic gesturing and shouting? Whatever.
If you have not seen this worldly French series before... filled with all too human cops, corruption on a wide scale, thrills, violence, gangs and the streets of Paris..... Give it a go.
I 'spect I'll have to ask politely for it to be recorded.... Yes I know I seen it before... but a girl can't help her addictions.

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