Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Old Man As Dog

I have mentioned before that I suspect that The Old Man be in actual fact.... a Dog. This morning... first thing.... it come back to me that this be so. He do pop his head out of the bedroom as I do come out of bathroom.
"Pasta." say he.
"What?" say I.
"Saturday. Pasta."
"You mean supper?"
Old Man smiles and nods.
"You really are a dog ain't you." say I.
"Walkies." say he.
I do stump off downstairs.
A bit later and there be a bit of a spat. I flounce out the room and do play loud opera for a while. (Callas. Bellini. La Sonnambula.) By the second and final act The Old Man do come and stare at me. He do have that head slightly cocked, frowning eyes, doggy look I do know so well from puzzled spaniels. Any minute I do think he may whimper.

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