Friday, 17 August 2012

The Old Man Gets The Needle

Some time back I did tell you of The Old Man's hi-fi concerns that did lead him to buy a New Arm. Okay you digital kids... don't worry about this strange world of analogue sound... just accept that those who are obsessed with it be... well and truly.... Obsessed. And that never can so much time and concentration and money be spent on a matchbox, pin, and a rubber band....

In my last post on the subject I did hint that a frown had settled on The Old Man's fizzog as he do contemplate.... The Cartridge.

Well his birthday time be approaching, as be Christmas if it come to that... and the Christmas after that.... and the Christmas after that.....
He have started calling me "Sweet Thing" and "Beloved" and other such suspicious terms of endearment. He have also gone so far as to consult with his old stomping ground chums of hi-fianalia, Walrus Systems, in order to gain some advice from those who do recall his system and his preferences. They have duly advised him.

The nettle of The Cartridge is being firmly grasped. But I do fear I be the one to be stung.

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