Monday, 3 December 2012

Madame Deficit Admires The Rural View

Oh my dears, as you know I am a lover of the countryside and all things rural... But even I do pause for thought when Planning Minister "Nick" Boles points out the "moral right" of people to have their own homes surrounded with garden. How hard it must be to be a modern Tory... straddling so many viewpoints. Presumably these "moral right" homes should only contain the appropriate number of bedrooms... (see previous post). Consequently, he do say, we must be prepared to start building on open land, tout suite!

Brush away those open fields and rural views. Don't you know that the built environment can be beautiful too? says Mr Boles. Oh but I do, Mr Boles... you can see an example of my own architectural inspiration in one of my previous posts here.

Brush away those green hills and fluffy sheep.. (Oh dear but I be so fond of the petit fluffy mouton things). Brush away the objections of those National Trust 'latter-day Luddites'. (Alors! Was not Daddy Boles a National Trust Chief Exec back in the 1970s?) Build, Build, Build.... but nothing "pig ugly", mind. We must have standards, but let us not stand in the way of progress. Fill the view with lovely, lovely buildings. I am particularly fond of those bijoux estates of houses with gardens... the ones that hunch up together for comfort? Where you can gaze out of the kitchen window at your own patch of lawn, raise your eyes... and stare into the eyes of your neighbour at their kitchen sink ten feet away. Such bonhomie.

And let us not stop there. We must be practical. Nuclear power stations. Lots of those. If we can get some poor mutt to pay for them. Let not the Luddites stand in the way of progress. Let's not mess around with wind turbines. No.. all the fuel generation can now take place where Mr Osborne prefers... out of sight and underground. Aah the joys of fracking.

Build... Build.... However.... I do be a little concerned at the prospect of more rain, Mr Boles. You know.... all those inconvenient floods we do have recently? It just may be that concreting over those useless green fields may contribute to the problem of drainage? Where do the rain waters go? Perhaps I speak out of turn. I just be a little old fluffy head brioche-eater. But.....

Better to build on stilts perhaps?


Minnie said...

More power to you and all consumers of brioche, Petite!
Yes, much of post-war residential dev't has been on flood plains according to all the wise worthies @ RICS I have ever consulted (ex-property journo here ;-)).
Horrifying, isn't it?
This is such a woefully badly-run country (speaking as homesick Ni├žoise d'adoption and all-round Francophiliac).
PS Came here via your Antonin Varenne review on E-C: you've definitely inspired me to read it, thank you. Love Fred Vargas, too - did you know some of her work had been made for TV in France? Very good; superb cast. Perhaps lobby BBC4 for take-up to fill Montalbano/Forbydelsen vacuum?!

Little Grey Doll said...

Bonjour Minnie. So glad you concur with a fluffy-head brioche-eater re flood plains etc. Some times I get so fed up with stupid ill-thought out policies that I have no option but to dress up for the blog and rant.
Thank you also for the comment re: Euro Crime review. I seriously admired "Bed of Nails". There is something about some french stuff (books/films) that show people in all their individuality without being preposterous or satirical. The Varenne book is dark but I hope you read it and find it good!
PS. Take your point on Vargas telly series. That would be a fine thing to see.

Minnie said...

The French TV series featuring Jean-Hugues Anglade as Commissaire J.-B. Adamsberg is the one to watch; t'other is dross.