Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Building Up The Old Man's New "Avatar"

It goes slowly cos of other things getting in the way... but first the legs and arms and spine get connected. (In two strands 2mm aluminium twisted together.) Then some kind of hand arrangement which involves two strands 1mm aluminium twisted.

Then Mrs D do use Polymorph plastic to form "bones" that strengthen the wire and help make the "joints" crisper when they are bent. See he has Polymorph "palms" for his hands too.

Polymorph is a polyester plastic which is supplied as grains. These melt in water at 62C and can be moulded together and shaped. The result can also be remelted and remoulded....
and the plastic is listed as biodegradable.

Whatever.... The Old Man be looking forward to an "atavar" (sic) without a wonky hip.

.... As is Mrs D.

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