Wednesday, 2 January 2013

January 2nd And I do Say....

.....Hello my dears and here we do go again.

Putting the rubbish out this mornin' (Old Year), I do spy a primrose (New Year)... although it do try to hide its head under its leaves.... after the stuff what do go on in 2012 what do you expect? The rain, the floods and all sorts of dreadful stuff. Yes I do include the ill-thought-out, knee-jerk-rubbish Mr Smoothy-Face Cammo and his governing cohorts do come out with an' all.

Oh Fine, you do say. January the Second and already she be going on about stuff. Bang. Bang.

Anyway... have observed Mrs D getting her pantaloons in a twist considering the remake of The Old Man and attempting to purchase a basic kit for keeping his legs and arms on. The Old Men (both "avatar" and "analogue" be apprehensive.)

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