Friday, 4 January 2013

Sticks And Stones And Wires And Bones

Mrs D's "Armature Kit" order do arrive yesterday. Very toot sweet.

This is a basic kit. Proper ones come with all sorts of rotating ball joints so that elbows and arms and knees can move in the right way. This one will depend on bendy wires (twisted aluminium). Which is why The Old Man's leg do drop off at Christmas when the wire do give up the ghost and break. (Protest at being bent about all the time.) But this kit comes with brass thingummys to screw wires into at hips and shoulders which should mean that you can fit a new arm or leg if something breaks. Mind you... means you have to be able to get at the joint under the body form and covering.

Steel feet plates you can screw the leg wires into... that are pre-drilled for bolt and wing-nut tie-downs or can be used with a magnet to hold in place onto the set floor.... Ha! "Set Floor".... who are we kidding....

So anyway we's all ready for the remodelling of The Old Man. Who do look nervous at the prospect.

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