Monday, 7 January 2013

Mrs D Struggles With Her Wires

Mrs D do exclaim that she shall...
"Start the New Year as she means to go on..." which means mending The Old Man and getting on with the animating thing. In fact this means that she do spend a lot of time shouting and weeping that she... "Can't do this!!" whilst she wrestles with tiny (4mm) grub screws and allen keys ... and would-be "legs" drop off their brass "pelvises" at the rate of nineteen to the dozen.

Grub screw (Wikipedia)
Allen key (Wikipedia)

Mrs D do fortify herself with leftover Christmas port whilst real-life Old Man tries to calm her hysterical outbursts (for she be also her mother's daughter) and explains strategies for dealing with lively little grub screws like putting them into place in the joints first, whether she needs them or not.

Common sense and intuition from Mrs D's creative brain eventually wins out and she realises that the mock-up won't work until she uses the proper gauge of twisted wire... which she finds after rummaging around in her workroom....

Now she has succeeded in producing the rather eery spectacle of a disembodied spine and set of wire legs standing in their steel and brass "shoes" on the dining table.

None of us know how we feel about that.

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