Thursday, 24 January 2013

Madam Deficit Observes Cornwall Council's Trust In Their Claimants

In case you have not heard... our wonderful Unitary Council (no  Local Councils in the Duchy of  Cornwall)... [Correction: No"District" Councils] .... has hired Capita to use Voice Risk Analysis (aka crazy "lie-detector" technology) for telephone interviews with claimants of single person discount on council tax. (25% off if you live alone.) The system apparently works on detecting stress in the voice... presumably as an indication of lying..... Oh if only we could use the same (doubtless faultless) technology on politicians... both national and local.

Anyway... it do cause the Conservative Leader of the Council to quit.[Correction: Leader of the Conservative Group on the Council.... My! But I do get sloppy in my annoyance.]

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