Tuesday, 23 April 2013

In Which The Old Man And Me Discuss "Broadchurch"

Under the influence of Mrs D...(who do herself seem to be mostly under the influence of "a large glass of red")... The Old Man be taking an interest in crime drama on the telly.... and has loyally followed the recent British serial "Broadchurch" on ITV.

Now that we do know whodunnit... (well we do cos we did watch the broadcast of the last episode last night...) we fall to discussion this morning at breakfast....

..... and The Old Man do pronounce judgement which be rather a harsh one. He do feel it is largely the strong acting of the cast that saved the day. Now..anyone who knows The Old Man do know he often pronounces harsh judgement....

For myself....(in my best "Mrs D" mode but with a cup of tea instead of the wine)... I do offer that I feel a bit cheated on certain plot points and feel as though we be led up the garden path of episodic suspense and "would-be" murderers. Indeed some of those paths do be conspicuous dead-ends and I do feel a bit grumpy about that.

But we did indeed enjoy watching it. And the news is out that the series.... "will be back"

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