Thursday, 25 April 2013

Travels With My Film-Life: Paris - The House Of A Rich Man ("Intouchables")

OK. So sometimes you just have to watch what is called a "feelgood" movie.

And we do do that with "Untouchable" ("Intouchables")... a French film directed by Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano and released in 2011. Based on a true story... it tells us about about a wealthy man, paralysed from the neck down, and his carer...(depicted in the film as a Senegalese guy from a suburban ghetto estate). The film stars Francois Cluzot ... who I do very much like in "Tell No One"... and Omar Sy....

Oh and there are a couple of familiar faces, notably Audrey Fleurot, the voluptuous lawyer from French Crime series "Spiral".

Yes... it is a different world in a feelgood movie. No bedroom tax applies in this case... But I take time out to watch the film and enjoy it and I do laugh out loud at some of the sequences.... don't you just need that sometimes?

(What about Chancellor Osborne's tears at The Funeral, eh?)

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