Sunday, 28 April 2013

Today I Have Mostly Made... Flat Bagels

My first failure in the Sunday Breakfast ritual of bagel-baking. No. I do not show you a picture of them.
So let this be a warnin' to all of you beginner bread bakers like moi..... The flour makes all the difference.

I did use a perfectly good flour... stoneground strong white... but it do behave differently from others I have used up to now.

Result? The dough looked dark and the bagels sank to the bottom of the boiling pot.... like bricks. I have never seen this before.

Did I eat any? Do chefs wear hats? Of course I do eat some. Tasted fine but... they be flat and dense
Moral? Know your flours. Believe it or not the milling makes all the difference to how it behaves when you bake with it.

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