Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Madame Deficit Considers Gove's Climate Of Opinion

Ah my darlings. Did you realise that  here in the UK our radical Secretary of State for Education Mr Gove have gone right off teaching younger children about the climate change debate? Only children studying for a GCSE in Geography may consider the subject if he gets his way.

Of course I do agree that the closest the dear things need come to environmental concerns is the annoyance of litter and whether you should recycle your tins or not. A tidy environment is a healthy one I do say. And who needs to learn about the pseudo-science of climate change when they should be learning Latin instead? Mind you I was quite keen on Latin myself.....

Alors?  Progrès, mes amis. Toujours au plaisir de regarder en arrière. (Progress, my friends. Always look forward to looking back.) But if you do not share this government's view on the merits of under-15s learning about climate change .... then 38 Degrees has a petition you can sign. As does change.org.

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