Friday, 31 May 2013

All Wired Up

.... to my MP3 player. Yes, I know I am supposed to be cool and have an iPod but I am not that cool. I have a bus pass. I have an MP3 player.

OK. OK. It be also a longstanding PC Girl versus ApplePerson. I don't do much in the way of Apple stuff. This is why I am not cool.

Anyhoo... I have this little player what does radio as well. But I do not have music on it. I have books on it. I used to like talking books so now I get them via Audible and attempt to keep up with Mrs D and her crime reading.Tell you what, though. It do not pay to listen in bed. I do fall asleep and have to back-peddle until I find a bit of book I do recognise and start over again.

But it be ideal for stuff like ironing, mending, making, sitting sunbathing.... or like yesterday... when The Old Man (who be an old crock as you may know) has to get his annual check up at the Hospital. And this hospital be in the next county so that's a hundred mile trip to see the doc for ten minutes then a hundred miles back home. I do go to keep him company on the drive... and I sit in the sun listening to "Salvation of a Saint" by Keigo Higashino ( very detailed and precise and slightly off the wall Japanese police procedural. Very Japanese....) .....while he sits indoors in the waiting room for an hour.

The Old Man do stagger out with a clean bill of health on the cancer front and  it is indeed a lovely day. So we do go home via Tavistock for lunch. Not been there before. Nice place. May go there again.... Next Checkup.

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